A Gentleman's Guide to Women, Relationships and Breasts

TSLG has been called The MAD Magazine of relationship books. It contains a collection of seriously humorous articles, photo features, sidebar essays, and cartoons, including an hilarious Playboy satire called Danglers that parodies the salacious inanity of men's mags and porn. The book's unusual title refers to a 30-page photo feature of topless women on the beaches of Cannes, Ibiza, and Barcelona, with funny captions exploring voyeurism.

Mainly, TSLG is about how to identify quality, loving women and avoid those whose reproduction fixation can become man's ruination. TSLG includes an interview with Dr. Herb Goldberg, author of The Hazards of Being Male, about emotionally healthy men and women and what makes good relationships.

The author quotes extensively from men's authors such as Warren Farrell, Robert Glover, and Herb Goldberg; and from relationship books, and even feminist books, to answer Freud's timeless question, "What the !#@$! do women want?" This along with 300 funny cartoons and illustrations, and 200 sexy photos is the OTHER side of TSLG: a book that helps men sidestep the pitfalls of mating to develop wonderful, honest relationships with great women.

The Hazards of Being Male



Topless Summer Love Girls is a zany, pop culture commentary on growing up male in the era of Playboy, feminism, and swimsuit editions. It's an R-rated inquiry into America's obsession with breasts; a sexy book that explores the allure of sexy books. There's also a spoof of men's magazines along with seriously funny articles on dating, love and marriage, and of course it's filled with lots of titillating photos of topless women—the kind men like!
  ISBN: 978-0-9657628-4-7
Size: 8.5 x 11 inches. 272 color pages with
11 articles, 56 sidebar articles, 299 graphics
including 84 cartoons and illustrations,
and 200 photographs.


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