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The Making

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Above: This lovely, vintage Summer Girl fruit label was submitted by Mrs. Ralph L. Bonaventure of Sioux Falls, who writes, "The girl in the portrait was actually my great aunt Floradora who unfortunately was run over by a pineapple truck." While we very much appreciate the contribution, Mrs. Bonaventure, we regret to say that the image is inappropriate for usage on our website because it is not topless enough.


Topless Summer Love Girls is a zany, pop culture commentary on growing up male in the era of Playboy, feminism, and swimsuit editions. Arming men with new insights into themselves and the eternal battle between the sexes, this hilarious and sexy book—filled with hundreds of titillating photos of topless women—is a passionate and unapologetic examination of men, women, and breasts.

Topless Summer Love Girls is a crazy compendium of dirty pictures, bad cartoons, fake news clippings, spurious essays, pseudo-scientific studies, and weird theories about women and breasts. It's also got great art by some of the best illustrators and cartoonists of yesterday and today, like Charles Dana Gibson, H. T. Webster, Chas. Addams, Al Capp, Will Eisner, Mitch O' Connell, Bill Presing, Shane Glines, Ragnar, Alex Niño, Milton Knight, Victor Juhasz, and Rian Hughes.

Topless Summer Love Girls is a serious mix of satire, outrageous assertions, outright lies and intelligent, sensitive, searching observations on men, women, and breasts. It's a men's empowerment book for men who would never ever pick up a men's empowerment book—and who are not afraid to laugh at themselves.

Topless Summer Love Girls contains not only page-after-page of sumptuous color photos of topless girls sunning themselves on the beaches of Bali, Ibiza and the South of France, but it's got excellent advice for men on dating and making the best choice in women, sexual relationships with women and women's wiles, warnings about marriage, fatherhood, and divorce; and what every man should know about feminism. In short, it's got everything a modern guy needs to survive love in the 21st Century.

Notes from the Editor:

When first I agreed to compile a book about the female sexual apparatus, I had no idea what I was getting into. Just the handling of the breasts alone turned out to be enormous, and by the time I reached the buttocks, I was clearly beyond my depth and felt the need to wash my hands of the whole matter.

Coming to the chapter on bras, my dilemma was two-fold. First, I had felt the article, as initially written, was too negative so I decided instead to portray the cup half full. Secondly, because no man really knows what a woman's bra conceals, bra-wearing women demand a willing suspension of disbelief. As did my readers.

Due to my own painful personal experiences I had a hard time committing myself to the relationship section, so when it came to the article on marriage, I realized that the only way through it would be to emotionally divorce myself from the process.

I knew that editing the chapter on pornography was a dirty job but, "someone had to do it." Of course the subject required extensive field research undertaken in establishments containing copious research libraries. However, many was the time my research was interrupted because I ran out of quarters.

Editing the section on feminism required a delicate touch so as not to offend the ladies. In fact, I have always considered myself a feminist in order to meet college chicks.

All in all, the project turned out quite successfully. The editorial aspects of the book do not impede much upon the visuals, so the book appeals both to the intellectual and the prurient. These days I sleep well knowing that I've personally done my bit for both the lay-man and his special lady.

--Henry Von