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Infrequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do you call this "Infrequently Asked Questions" instead of "Frequently Asked Questions"?

A: Oddly enough, no one has asked that question yet, which must make it the most iFAQ of all time, and we're now wondering if there shouldn't be a prize or something given to whoever asked it.

Q: Wouldn't it have been better to just wait until enough pertinent questions had actually been asked, and the most frequent among them identified as such, to then list this page as FAQ?

A: Nobody has asked that question before either. But to answer such a question implies that certain deficiencies exist in the site itself due to having failed to explain our mission sufficiently in the first place, and we would be editorially loathe to acknowledge any such error, implying as it would an inadequacy on our part.

Q: But how can you know beforehand whether or not questions--be they infrequent or frequent--would in fact be posed, and if so, that answering them in a glib, dismissive manner, such as the tone this page is beginning to take on, would not inhibit the further asking of valid, pertinent questions?

A: Another worthy, infrequent question! Deserving of a worthy answer! However, we infrequently answer worthy questions.

Q: Wouldn't the topic iFAQ open the door to visitors asking all sorts of obscure and even ridiculous questions, which by their nature would be infrequently asked, such as 'Why didn't dinosaurs favor the iambic pentameter form?'?"

A: Here we find ourselves editorially at a loss as whether to first answer the overall question regarding the nature of infrequent question-asking or to tackle instead the question within the question, which we don't understand anyway. We are a little bit editorially peeved, though, because we feel the question-asker has tried to trick us into answering two questions at once when we only allow one infrequently-asked-question per inquiry. However, both questions are at least undeniably relevant to this article since they are indeed "infrequently asked."

Q: Will this page continue the folly of limiting itself to questions involving the asking of questions and whether or not a particular question qualifies as frequent, infrequent--or too taxing of the editorial capabilities of the answerer--to be answered or will any question of consequence relevant to tits or something ever be answered here?

A: Now there is another great question infrequently asked! The object here is to introduce the potential reader of TSLG to the humorous non-humor rampant throughout the book, whereby its seeming naïveté, drollness and unfunniness becomes funny thereby. For instance, the book contains a jokes page in which the punch lines of many funny jokes have been intentionally ruined in the telling. And there are also cartoons, such as the one reprinted below, in which the joke becomes a joke on the bad joke. So were a reader to ask why the jokes page in Topless Summer Love Girls aren't funny, we could just refer him or her to this page of infrequently asked questions, since nobody yet has asked us that question.

Q: If in the future enough questions of a similar and repetitive nature should become submitted to your editorial board, would you then deign to change the name of this page from iFAQ to FAQ?

A: Since we've never been asked that question before, we are of the unanimous editorial opinion that this question is definitely appropriate for inclusion on this page of infrequently asked questions. Congratulations.