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1930s Nudist newspaper ad

  Above, Old newspaper advertisement for a film that looked at the nudist phenomenon purely from a sociological standpoint and whose appeal had nothing to do with naked girls. Note the airbrushed twats that made this advertisement acceptable for viewing by the general pubic.


The NAKED & the NUDE

By Leslie Cabarga for www.ToplessSummerLoveGirls.com

We believe that the cloaking of the human body was the first lie. All deceit stems from this act, and shame, prurience and voyeurism are its logical extension. TSLG began with a visit to the topless beaches of France. To American men steeped in Puritan prudery, the sight is almost unbelievable. Usually you have to pay.

There we were--as a procession of topless women walked by--lying in the sun contemplating the naturalness of it all. After all, we're topless, why shouldn't women also be topless? It's only fair. And then SHE walks by. She's stunning, amazing! What a face! What a figure! What tits! And now it's not about natural anymore, it's about WOW! So first we take lots of pictures. And then we wonder why nudity elicits such a reaction in us? Is it only because bodies are usually kept under wraps? Or is attraction to bodies not shameful as we've been taught, but normal, natural and wonderful?

The historic fear of the body and the bosom has so gripped Western culture that in the 1970s we were thrilled by movies like "Sweden --Heaven and Hell" with something as silly as a topless all-girl rock band.
When nudity is temporarily acceptable it is usually about context. Such as if you're participating in a nude bicycle race. Ever notice how as soon as you break up with somebody neither of you wants to let the other see you naked any more? If you're at the beach and everyone is wearing bathing suits that reveal the same amount of skin as the bra and panties you'd never wear in public, you feel that it's OK because everybody else is doing it too. If you're at Woodstock in 1969, like the hippie chick in the photo above, and everybody else is naked, so as well might you be. But when the context is unexpected or inappropriate we find ourselves really going gaga. Such as in 1948 when it turned out Carmen Miranda liked dancing without panties (see the uncensored photo in TSLG). Our modern equivalent is Britney Spears climbing out of a limo pantiless. I wonder how many noticed Brit's caesarian scar? Which proves that even if you are a multi-multi-millionairess, doctors can still fool you into thinking that you shouldn't have a natural childbirth. If you live in a culture, like the headhuntress in our photo, that doesn't care anything about clothes, you wouldn't even know you're naked. Same with the actors in the film Legong: Dance of the Virgins (1935) whose raison d'etre was as much the young Balinese starlet's charms as any movie starring Bridget Bardot or Sharon Stone.
And isn't it amazing how this societal rule about always being dressed is so well enforced? I mean how often do you see even crazy people walking down the street naked? Yes, even the retarded and insane generally manage to keep their clothes on in public. Now THAT'S social control.

Legong advertisement 1935

Legong frame capture

Of course there are PETA demonstrations in Europe where everybody takes their clothes off and there are lone crusaders like Ojai California's beloved Earth Friend Gen, below, who bicycles around town wearing just enough to avoid getting arrested (although she has been several times).

So in revolt against religion, which teaches that the human body is a sin, women walk around in such brief and tight-fitting clothing — like this girl at the Louvre in Paris, below— that they might as well be naked.

What has this discussion to do with Topless Summer Love Girls? The book, in part, examines men's attraction to the visual and how, when squelched, our normal urges can become obsessive, leading to voyeurism and the over-emphasis on body parts. I saw a porno clip on the internet recently with the usual gaping vulva being penetrated by the usual throbbing penis and a thought struck me: "How very mundane. How absolutely normal, how innocuous, how innocent, how ridiculous that most cultures, for millennia, have been obsessed with covering this up."
As we state in our article about Porn in TSLG, "It wouldn't exist to so vast an extent if there were no need, and therein lies sufficient justification. But there shouldn't need to be porn. Porn is a band-aid on a sexually-wounded society."

Our increasingly casual society, inurement to the shock value of profanity, internet porn, and Girls Gone Wild are all leading, I think, to an eventual trashing of the lie of concealing the body and of sex shame. When that's accomplished, we'll all be able to go around naked, if we feel like it, or have sex on buses, as in Europe, and no one will care. But we won't need to because there'll be nothing left to revolt against and the illicit thrill will be gone.

"What is pornography to one man is the laughter of genius to another."
—D.H. Lawrence