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The Making


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TSLG is, you might say, disenchanted with marriage and our research indicates that through all the ages, the world's greatest thinkers have come to the same conclusion.

To that end we've provided myriad quotes and examples, and a thoroughly well-researched article on the topic that leaves no doubt that marriage tends to screw men. We acknowledge, however, that good marriages can and do exist and we provide tips on how to achieve that goal -- though really we think men should just skip it all together.

Here's a quote about marriage that I just found on the internet: "Question: What is the difference between marriage in third dimension and soul mates in higher dimensions? Answer: A great deal! Marriages on Earth do not always come from love, but rather for pragmatic reasons such as parental arrangements for their children, unplanned pregnancies, solidifying fortunes, keeping families "royal," young people escaping from unhappy family life, and pure lust. None of those kinds of conditions exist in more highly evolved civilizations, where only deep friendship, compatibility, mutual respect and love lead to a long term commitment, which is honored by all who know the couple. Legalities play no part at all in those unions."

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