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The Making


TSLG Reviews

"Impressively bold; amazing in its originality and creativity."
—Dr. Herb Goldberg, The Hazards of Being Male

"Unreal!" —Paul Krassner, In Praise of Indecency: Dispatches
From the Valley of Porn, and The Realist

"It's absolutely sensational. I found it delightful and more."
—Sid Jacobson, The 9/11 Report: A Graphic Adaptation

"I love books and I love boobs. And man, do I love
this book about boobs!" —Craig Yoe, The Best of Sexology

"Phenomenal research!" — Ron Turner, Last Gasp

"Intense!" —Dave Willardson, famous Illustrator

"Gave Hef your book tonight and he was enjoying it throughout dinner, sharing portions of it with us. He was very intrigued, as were others."
—from a friend of Hugh Hefner

"I was immediately drawn into the book and saw its tongue-in-cheek humor. It is very visually engaging. I keep the book out for friends to see when they visit. My girlfriend got a kick out of it as well. I haven't had time to get into it deeply, but I enjoy picking it up and flipping through the pages. Thank you for sharing it with me, it is very well done. I'm glad you found my book helpful as well!"
—Dr. Robert Glover, No More Mr. Nice Guy

"Visually Stunning, Packed with Quality Insight
Leslie contacted me about this book and in full disclaimer I am quoted on page 211. I told him I'd take a look at it but was initially skeptical. I figured it was just pictures and nothing I really needed to examine. Yet my first impressions were very wrong! To say that it tells you all you want to know about breasts is a serious understatement. The gentlemen's guide is a 272-page academic endeavor. The reason it's so expensive is that it brims with photo plates and they're all quality reproductions. The one thing I never expected is how informative it is. TSLG is as much analysis and education as entertainment. It had me laughing quite often, particularly his "General Introduction to Titonomy." Lastly, I loved the vintage nude photos and all the cartoons. They are not just sexually appealing but aesthetically appealing. For example, Twinsey Bubbles is a person you can gaze at all day long. This is a very complete book and would make an excellent gift for just about any man you know."
—Bernard Chapin, Women: Theory and Practice

From Readers:

"Wow, I really liked the book but I think you're missing out on a whole market by calling it The Gentleman's Guide, rather than The Definitive Guide, because women love to read about women and relationships and compare each other's personal parts. My initial response, when I saw the book was "What the fuck..." then I picked it up and started reading and I was intrigued enough and amused enough to keep looking through it and then I chuckled enough to read it out loud to my husband. I find the whole concept of the boob coffee table book to be actually pretty funny, but I think you will have a bigger market with women than men. I thought the boob shapes were intriguing [Breast Survey] and I started wondering which one is mine.

"TSLG is like NO OTHER BOOK in the history of the sexes! Indescribably funny! Appallingly serious! Unimaginably clever! Unusually entertaining! And unbelievably bodacious! They had to re-write the Dewey Decimal System so librarians would know where to put this book! Buy one today and see what the readers are marveling at: An hilarious, thoughtful, ultra-illustrated, fascinatingly colourful book that dares to fit no earthly description—with the possible exception of 'Va va vooooom!'"

"At first glance, one doesn't appreciate all the information this book contains. It's like putting all the secrets of life in a bubble gum wrapper."

"It is a most unusual, very ambitious and eclectic book. It's often funny, and yet your text is mostly serious and derived from sound sources. Some of this information I sorta intuitively knew just from many rounds at the sex rodeo myself, but it's nice to see it codified so explicitly. This would be a great gift book for any (bright) young man of high school or college age, a young guy whose sexuality is just being formed."

I wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying Topless Summer Love Girls. I always liked the humorous comments you sprinkled throughout your other books, but this one is downright funny! The front flap alone is hilarious!"

The book is a masterpiece. It's hilarious, beautifully designed, wittily written—a very fun and unique approach to an obviously already highly palatable subject. Bravo! You may have gone a little overboard with the 6 pages of breast types (I mean, I found mine for chrissake!) But, overall, I think it's the sweaty-browed consternation of the narrator struggling to maintain intellectual composure while being hopelessly derailed by his lust throughout the text that I find most hilarious. He's embittered and whipped yet resolute and energetically determined in his quest to set the record straight on this subject. It's like the joke is simultaneously on both the narrator himself as much as it is on the women he objectifies.

The book is fabulously fun and tacky, and my friends always seem to get a kick out of the breast survey pages (It's a good book to show at a house party). Something that I liked and disliked at the same time is that you also included ugly boobs. The book is so comprehensive, and I'm glad that you included all sorts of shape and sizes, although some pictures make me cringe. Scary!!

"i had merely skimmed the Topless book until now and assessed it as very funny but what i didn't realize until deeper penetration (if you'll excuse the term) last night was that ABSOLUTELY ALL of it is funny, in fact it's laugh-out-loud hilarious!"

"It's really brilliant in a new kind of way. It's just great stuff."

"It's funny as hell!" —Steve

"When I got the actual book I was really surprised and had misgivings at first. But then I realized what a good writer you are and the heuristic* nature of your writing. I am now intrigued and will continue to read. What an immense undertaking!
—Larry [*"heuristic:" serving to indicate or point out; stimulating interest as a means of furthering investigation.]

"Think you know women? Find the female physique alluring, do you? Well, get set for this latest, most personal offering from the great designer/writer (and thinker and wag extraordinaire) Leslie Cabarga. TOPLESS SUMMER LOVE GIRLS will show you that, no matter how many innings you've played in the game of sexuality, you don't know nearly all you think you do, and almost certainly have not appraised, scrutinized and pondered upon the female animal nearly as carefully as has our intrepid author. TSLG is a breathtaking, politically incorrect, no-holds-barred foray into the birds 'n' the bees---especially from the male point of view---using a mind-bogglingly psychedelic compendia of cartoons, photographs, diagrams, gags, essays, advertisements, studies, poetical rhapsodies, quizzes and quotes. No centimeter of the female body---or mind!---goes uncommented or unquantified. But which seemingly authentic images, factoids, clip art, ads, and journalistic ephemera are authentic, and which are scintillating send-ups and fabricated follies from the satiric, sex-addled noodle of Cabarga will have you guessing 'til the very end. Drawing from his own sexual education of midcentury, the look of TSLG is lavishly colored by Cabarga's comprehensive knowledge of 20th century graphic art styles---Victorian, Deco, beatnik, 1950's lurid "girlie" magazine, 60's-au-gogo, 70's trippiness and much more---they're all represented here in a Monty-Pythonesque tour-de-farce guaranteed to tickle the funny-bone of the modern gentleman who will want this illustrated, R-rated encyclopedia for his bedroom, study, or... bathroom. Men (and some of you bolder women) of all ages will derive many wolfish pleasures, naughty larfs---as well as many Ah ha! moments of truth---from this irreverent portrait of the human sexual beast."

I have received your book and it was a big hit at my office!! My wife even was upset with me for not bringing it home to show her!

We just got your book, and it is beee-utiful! Love the cover treatment with the folds, and the embossing. The whole book shows your perfectionistic concern for detail. All the cartoons and little sidebars are hysterical. We'll keep it on the coffee table so we can pick it up and read it, bit by bit. It has dynamite appeal as a book store item. No man could pass it over without picking it up.

"We showed your book to about 20 friends. People who had the time to sit down to read it tended to like the book a lot more than the people who just looked at the photos and diagrams. A few people related the book to the old National Lampoon magazine. The negative feedback came from women who have no interest in giving exceptional attention to breasts. They weren't offended, just uninterested. In general, people noticed the superlative design work and its high production quality. All the work that you invested in the book made a positive difference. The downside of showing your book at a party is that people look at the photos and not the copy. When someone read out loud, then people were drawn into the subject matter. My friend and his fiance had the time to read your book in a leisurely way. They primarily focused on the copy rather than on the photography and illustrations. They laughed a lot and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. You could have a winner on your hands!"

More to come....